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COVID-19 Resource Series Launches to Help Communities in Need

With support from The Appalachian Regional Commission and The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) is proud to present the COVID-19 Resource Series, developed in collaboration with our ESTEAM grant partners, The EdVenture Group, The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), and The National Center for Resource Development (NCRD).

The series features five bite-size videos presented by our team of experts designed to provide a foundation in COVID-19 response for your organization on which you can build. Topics include:

Creative Marketing Strategies- How to pivot your marketing strategy during difficult times to maintain a customer base.

Going Online- Basics for transitioning your business online and recommendations on software.

Using Entrepreneurial Principles to Restart Your Business- How to apply entrepreneurial principles when re-opening your business.

Managing Teams Remotely- Guidance on navigating the new world of remote work and managing your remote employees.

How to Leverage Your Local Community College- A brief look into resources available within your local community to help during difficult times.

These resources have been designed following a comprehensive needs assessment of local partners from across the ESTEAM project’s eight-state region. The resources can be accessed for free here. Additional resources are linked within the learning platform to provide additional support for local communities. We hope that you will find the series valuable and share it with others.

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