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EntreEd Announces Dr. Toi Hershman as Next CEO 

Dr. Gene Coulson, current CEO of EntreEd, recently announced his retirement after nearly a decade of service to the organization. The EntreEd Board of Directors began their search for the next CEO and named Dr. Toi Hershman, current EntreEd Vice President of Programming as CEO effective May 1, 2023. Dr. Coulson said, “Dr. Cathy Ashmore established The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education over 40 years ago and was the icon of entrepreneurship education in the US much of that time. I followed Dr. Ashmore as CEO in 2014. I am pleased that the Board of Directors and I rebranded the organization as EntreEd and set it in a new direction – to focus on K-12 and youth entrepreneurship education. The work has been supported by many staff members, partners, and friends, too numerous to mention but much appreciated. After nine years, it is time for me to pass the torch and welcome a new generation of leadership to the role of EntreEd CEO. I am very happy to announce that the EntreEd Board of Directors selected our current VP, Dr. Toi Hershman to assume the role of CEO later this spring. I have worked with Dr. Hershman for more than 10 years and I am certain she is the person to lead the organization forward. I wish Dr. Hershman, the staff, and the board continued success.” 

The EntreEd Board of Directors is thankful for the legacy that Dr. Coulson leaves behind and is pleased to have Dr. Hershman lead as the next CEO. EntreEd Board President and Director of Education at Consumer Credit Counseling, Chad Rieflin, noted, “Gene Coulson has demonstrated incredible vision and commitment during his tenure as CEO of EntreEd. We are so grateful for all that he helped the organization to accomplish over the past several years. We are excited to know that Toi Hershman is taking the baton and carrying the mission of EntreEd into the future. Between the solid and expansive foundation laid by Gene, and the innovations to be developed by Toi and the EntreEd team, we are confident that entrepreneurship education will grow more than ever across the country!” Dr. James Gleason, EntreEd Board Member and CEO Emeritus, MBA Research added, “Coulson was instrumental in establishing EntreEd as one of the nation’s leading advocates for infusing entrepreneurial concepts in our public school systems. His philosophy of “entrepreneurship education for every student, every year” led to the establishment of the nation’s first certification initiative to recognize K-12 schools’ working to introduce creative, managed risk-taking to all students. Hershman brings a balance of youthful enthusiasm, a multitude of relevant experiences, and a history of dedication to the organization. As the program development leader for EntreEd, she has conceptualized and led multiple multi-state initiatives to expand the scope of entrepreneurship education. Directors anticipate that Toi’s senior-level planning and management experiences with the Consortium will effect a smooth and positive transition to the next-generation growth of the organization.” 

Dr. Hershman is ready to lead EntreEd into the next chapter and said, “I am thrilled to accept the position of CEO for EntreEd, and I look forward to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. By cultivating a culture of creativity, curiosity, and resilience, we can unlock the full potential of our students and drive economic growth and prosperity for all. Let’s ignite a spark of entrepreneurship that will light up the world!”

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