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WV Students Place 3rd in Coalfield Young Entrepreneurs Contest

On May 6th, Matewan PK-8 participated in the Coalfield Young Entrepreneurs Contest. During the event, student teams presented their business ideas to local entrepreneurs. Winners received a monetary prize to continue their businesses.

Jennifer Miller, a teacher at Matewan PK-8, received grant funding from EntreEd’s ESTEAM project for her students to create a business. Students collected interest data from the entire student body to determine what kind of business could succeed. From this data, they decided to build customized miniature garden beds designed for young children (ages 5-12).

After learning the measurement standards in mathematics, students designed several layouts for the garden beds and discussed how they could customize the beds for customers with limited garden space. Students designed beds to have kid-friendly parts and be portable for customers who frequently relocate.

Once students created a basic plan, they used computer skills to design the layout and applied standards of measurement from mathematics. After completing the final designs, students worked with the high school’s carpentry class to produce a demo garden bed to showcase to customers and created a form to take orders. Garden beds were assembled using customers’ color choices, layout, and vegetables/fruit preferences.

Matewan students took home 3rd place in the Coalfield Young Entrepreneurs Contest and received money to continue their project. This was a great entrepreneurial experience for all of the students involved.

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