Entreprenuership Education Every Student, Every Year

As the future of work continues to evolve, EntreEd instills entrepreneurial mindsets in every student, every year to forge a more entrepreneurial America.

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Our Mission

EntreEd champions entrepreneurship education, cultivating students for a prosperous future. Through leadership, professional development, advocacy, and networking. EntreEd curates educational practices and programs that forge entrepreneurial capabilities in all students.

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Our Impact

Entrepreneurship education is not “one more thing” for our teachers - it can be done in any classroom setting seamlessly. We empower educators to shift their teaching strategies to further promote creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills within their students.

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Our Offerings

EntreEd provides a strong collective network for entrepreneurial educators and professionals representing all aspects of entrepreneurial education. We support you and your entrepreneurial programming, initiatives, and innovations by offering a rich array of professional development options, resources, events, and networking opportunities.

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EntreEd Academy

EntreEd Academy has immersive digital courses for K-12 educators to gain an understanding of entrepreneurship education, best practices for aligning entrepreneurship in their classroom, and resources to help students succeed in their future careers. These self-paced programs are applicable in any and every classroom.

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AES Program

The America’s Entrepreneurial Schools (AES) initiative is a program designed to recognize K-12 schools that have provided entrepreneurship education to every student, every year. To earn the designation, schools must provide an entrepreneurship experience to every student in a school building in a given year.

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