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EntreEd Academy Releases Two New Digital Courses for K-12 Educators and Students

With support from The Appalachian Regional Commission and The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) is proud to present EntreEd Academy’s latest digital courses, Tier 2: Aligning Entrepreneurship in Your Classroom and Learn2Launch.

“Out of chaos comes opportunity. Yeah, that’s what they say. I think today it takes a real effort to find the opportunity in this COVID-19 chaos. Even more, finding the time and energy to pursue a new opportunity when it is so difficult to figure out how to deliver the basics is a bigger challenge. Believe me, we at EntreEd understand and sympathize. We want to help.

While many of you have spent your summer trying to stay healthy and figure out what the opening of school (at any level) will look like, we have been working on some digital products that might help. I think we can all agree that larger face-to-face training sessions will be off the table for months or longer. No matter what your daily schedule looks like, scheduling more zooms will be difficult. In response to your needs, EntreEd has released two digital entrepreneurship teacher training products that are appropriate for any teacher and are available on your time schedule.” said EntreEd’s Executive Director, Dr. Gene Coulson.

Tier 2: Aligning Entrepreneurship in Your Classroom is an immersive digital course for K-12 educators to build upon what they learned in Tier 1: Intro to Entrepreneurship Education with a deep dive into design-based thinking, complex entrepreneurial concepts like intellectual property, and exploring sustainability of classroom projects. Concepts are divided into different modules that engage participants through articles, podcasts, hands-on activities, discussions, and most importantly video lessons with informative instructors. This self-paced program is applicable in any and every classroom!

EntreEd’s first student facing course, Learn2Launch, helps middle and high school students learn to launch their ideas and innovations! L2L includes 10 experiential learning modules, 10 experiential lesson plans & materials, curriculum taking students from defining entrepreneurship to launching a business, and additional resources to support entrepreneurship integration. L2L is designed for easy integration into the classroom or simple navigation if you’re taking the course as an individual. Your students will thank you!

EntreEd Academy’s two instructors, Toi Hershman and Amber Ravenscroft, inform and guide users through the courses as they deep dive through entrepreneurship education together. Toi is EntreEd’s Director of Programming and has helped design innovative and experiential learning for educators across the country. Amber serves as the Project Director for EntreEd’s Fostering Self ESTEAM in Appalachia’s Emerging Workforce program, an ARC-funded initiative serving an eight-state region of the United States.

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