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EntreEd Announces Inaugural Cohort of Master Teachers

EntreEd’s inaugural cohort of eleven Master Teachers has successfully completed their certification. EntreEd’s Master Teacher certification recognizes educators that have completed immersive professional development in the space of entrepreneurship education and committed to integrating entrepreneurship education into their teaching practice.

The Master Teacher certification requires educators to: 1) complete a minimum of 16 hours of EntreEd professional development, 2) disseminate knowledge gained to their larger education network, 3) integrate entrepreneurship education into their classroom, and, 4) engage within EntreEd’s larger Community of Practice.

Completion of these requirements allows educators to receive tools, resources, and pedagogical approaches to effectively implement and teach others to implement entrepreneurship education. This train-the-trainer model expands the reach and impact of EntreEd’s programming at the regional and national levels.

Toi Hershman, EntreEd Vice President of Programming, and Amber Ravenscroft, ESTEAM Project Director facilitated the program. Hershman said, “Our first cohort is a fantastic group of educators and an eclectic mix of lead teachers, administrators, and education support leaders. We were delighted with this amazing group! We hope they will share EntreEd’s mission and grow an entrepreneurial culture within their schools and districts.”

The inaugural cohort of Master Teachers represent five states (KY, KS, NC, TN, WV) nine institutions, and each come from teaching backgrounds in a variety of subject areas from business to biology. The group of EntreEd Master Teachers include: Patricia Justice (Wartburg Central High School, TN), Leslie Schoof (Madison High School, NC), Glenna Pirner (Pierpont Community and Technical College, WV), Sarah Trent (Jackson Independent School, KY), William Lindsey (Lee A Tolbert Community Academy, KS), Mark C. Tolbert (Lee A Tolbert Community Academy, KS), Erica Simpson (Jacksboro Middle School, TN), Traci Chambers (Jacksboro Middle School, TN), Michael Kernea (Murphy High School, NC), Meridith Davis (Cherokee County Schools, NC), and Tamra Teague (LaFollette Middle School, TN). These educators have honed their teaching skills to increase engagement and academic achievement in students. They will each bring a culture of entrepreneurship back to their school community and upon completion of an entrepreneurship project, have the opportunity to earn a national school designation as an America’s Entrepreneurial School.

“EntreEd has made entrepreneurship fun for students and is something they can apply to their daily lives!!”
-Patty Justice, Business Technology Teacher, Wartburg Central High School, TN

“The Master Teacher program from EntreEd has given us the tools to expand our program and prepare our students to know about being an entrepreneur and prepare them to be entrepreneurs!”
-Bill Lindsey, Young Entrepreneurial Spirits Education, Lee A Tolbert Community Academy, KS

“My EntreEd experience showed me that entrepreneurial skills can be taught in any class. I was able to use the lessons and activities highlighted by EntreEd to create mini-lessons on grit, perseverance, brainstorming, and creative thinking that can be inserted into any curriculum, whether you teach dual enrollment college biology or a business class. EntreEd is for everybody!”
-Leslie Schoof, Science Department Chair, Madison High School, NC

“I plan to incorporate what I have learned in the Master Teacher program into my STREAM activities. It is exciting to imagine what ideas the students will come up with!”
-Dr. Glenna Pirner, Assistant Professor, Pierpont Community & Technical College, WV

“To instill the skills our students need to succeed, we must strive to better ourselves as educators. Becoming involved with EntreEd and becoming a Master Teacher has allowed me to gain knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship education. I have used this knowledge to empower my students to become entrepreneurs. As an educator, there is no greater reward than watching your students realize their full potential and make a true impact on our society.”

-Sarah Trent, Librarian/Media Specialist, Jackson Independent School, KY

“Success is all in taking that first step to follow your dreams. EntreEd prepares students how to do that.”
– Tamara Teague, Instructional Coach, LaFollette Middle School, TN

“ I feel EntreEd and the Master Teacher Program has allowed our school to introduce our students to entrepreneurial education and a whole new learning environment.”
-Traci Chambers, Assistant Principal, Jacksboro Middle School , TN

EntreEd looks forward to seeing the Master Teachers apply their knowledge, share with others, and cultivate entrepreneurial students that will help shape communities for the better. For more information, contact EntreEd Vice President of Programming, Toi Hershman, toi@entre-ed.org.

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