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EntreEd’s America’s Entrepreneurial Schools (AES) initiative is a program designed to recognize K-12 schools that have provided entrepreneurship education to every student, every year. All 80 of Intermediate Unit #1 Educational Campus at Waynesburg’s special education students have gained entrepreneurial skills through the AES initiative. EntreEd is pleased to recognize their commitment to providing entrepreneurship education to every student in their building during the 2019-2020 school year.

To earn the America’s Entrepreneurial Schools designation, every student in the school participated in entrepreneurial enterprise. It was a 100% student involved learning process. Students brainstormed marketable products and decided they wanted to sell wooden cutting boards. They then designed personalized patterns to cut into them. All special needs students had a part in daily operations and maintenance. Students sold the cutting boards locally, making a profit to place back into the cottage industry. The students are looking into expanding next school year, as they desire to reach further into, and give back to their local community that has showed great support towards them.

“Our students, as well as our staff, created a learning environment where everyone played a part and contributed to make viable products marketable to nearby consumers. Web design was set up to broaden our market and students can work on this as well as integrating products into the community. A true project-based learning experience where what is learned can be taken with them after the school years are behind them.” said special education teacher, Nancy Mitchell.

The Intermediate Unit 1 Educational Campus in Waynesburg, PA provides a safe, orderly environment where all students can acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to become productive, responsible citizens, able to compete within a global economy. The campus provides education and related services to students in grades K–12 who are in need of highly supportive and comprehensive special education services that are not available in the public school setting.

Learn more about EntreEd’s America’s Entrepreneurial Schools here.

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